Husband Stabbed In Front Of Wife And Daughter After Disturbing Burglars

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A man was repeatedly stabbed by burglars in front of his family after being awoken by the intruders, reports The Telegraph.

The victim, 47, confronted the three masked raiders in his house after his daughter began screaming after hearing the burglars creeping into her room.

The father attempted to access his distraught child's bedroom but was prevented from doing so by the thieves who baracaded him in his own bedroom.

When he managed to escape, he was stabbed three times before the group fled the house, in Wellfield Avenue, in Luton.

His wife and daughter, 23, raised the alarm at around 3.30am and he was rushed to the Luton and Dunstable Hospital where he remains in a serious but stable condition.

Detective Constable Mo Hussain, who was leading Bedfordshire police's investigation, said all three men were described as black. Two were said to be aged about 20. One was said to be about 5ft 1 ins tall. Another was about 5ft 10 ins.