'Made In Chelsea' Star Spencer Matthews Tweets Pic Of £488K Bar Bill

'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer Matthews might have to have a few quiet nights in after he tweeted a snap of him holding a credit card bill for almost half a million quid.

Although it's unclear if the huge bill was run up by the 25-year-old reality star, he captioned the snap with 'Sh*********t', so we're guessing it might be.

Spencer Matthews tweeted this pic of the huge bar bill

After spending the night at Morton’s, a private members club in London's Mayfair, Spenny shared the bill for £488,706,08 with his followers on the social networking site.

But not everyone was impressed, with some taking to Twitter to condemn him for his expensive night out.

Spencer Matthews

"You could've sent that off to the Philippines you self centered p****," tweeted Soph.

Whilst MrJackKB tweeted: "Sadly it rather sums up what is wrong with society."

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