18/11/2013 04:17 GMT

X Factor's Sam Bailey: 'My Daughter Thinks Miley Cyrus Is Disgusting'

Miley Cyrus probably didn't go out of her way to meet Sam Bailey when she performed on 'The X Factor' on Sunday night after the prison officer has hit out at the twerking former teen star, saying her daughter thinks she's "disgusting".

Miley shocked the world with her on-stage antics with Robin Thicke at the VMAs earlier this year, and it seems Sam - and her daughter - were not fans of their racy rendition of 'Blurred Lines'.

sam bailey

Sam Bailey

"I didn’t think it was appropriate for a child to watch it," Sam told The Mirror.

"If I was sitting with my daughter Brooke watching Miley Cyrus twerking or Gaga, she tends to put the pillow over her face because she’s embarrassed. She would say: 'That’s disgusting'.

"Miley was Hannah Montana and my daughter was a huge fan. But she doesn’t see her as being the same person now.

"My daughter is at the age which she’s picking up on stuff on the TV. She’s like 'urgh' and walks out of the room. She knows her own mind," she added.

miley cyrus robin thicke

Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs

While there were fears Miley would create a similar controversy with her 'X Factor' performance, she allayed TV bosses' concerns when she took to the stage in a long gold gown, and failed to twerk.

However, she did face criticism over her live vocals, which many Twitter users claimed were poor.

"Miley Cyrus literally sounds like a goat," one tweeted.


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