Sweden V Portugal: DJ Gives Cristiano Ronaldo And Co. Wake-Up Call (VIDEO)

Sweden are pulling out all the stops to put off Portugal ahead of the countries' World Cup playoff second leg, and that includes a radio DJ giving Cristiano Ronaldo and friends a blaring 7.15am wake-up call.

Patriotic pranksters RIX FM commenced "Operation Wakey Wakey" on Tuesday morning, armed with their own karaoke system, in an attempt to disturb the Portuguese's slumber.

And it wasn't Abba that was being pumped out, but your average Eurotrash. Perhaps Sweden will face their Waterloo at the Friends Arena tonight.

Peek-a-boo: This is not a picture of Ronaldo peering out of his hotel room, frightened of the DJ

Some Swedes have suggested supporters at the game chant the names of Lionel Messi - Ronaldo's annual Ballon d'Or contender - and Sepp Blatter, following the Fifa president's comments about the Real Madrid star.

Portugal go into the match leading 1-0 from the first leg - Ronaldo scored the only goal with a diving header - but Sweden midfielder Sebastian Larsson believes the appointment of an English referee could be crucial to Sweden's hopes of making the finals in Brazil next summer.

Ronaldo won a number of free-kicks during the first leg but Sunderland midfielder Larsson is happy Howard Webb, who sent the former Manchester United forward off at Manchester City five years ago and yellow-carded him for simulation against Blackburn Rovers later that season, will officiate the game.

"Operation Wakey Wakey" is a go, team leader

"We have an English referee now so we can probably go in a bit harder," Larsson told the Swedish media.

"I do not think he is going to fall for the same tricks so easily. Howard Webb is used to refereeing where the game is a little more physical. He's a great referee, too, which is important for such a big game."

Ronaldo is expecting "another battle".

He said: "Portugal have a small advantage, and we are expecting a very difficult game, but we are ready.

"We will have to be fully focused. More than anything else, these players want to be in Brazil, so we will give our best to get there."

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