UrtheCast Live Video Cameras Will Provide HD Stream Of Earth From ISS

A Live HD Stream Of Earth From The ISS?

Aboard a supply ship bound for the International Space Station this month is a camera set to revolutionise the way you view Earth.

UrtheCast will provide an HD, near-real-time stream of our home planet - basically what you always wished Google Earth could do.

Users will need to create an account to subscribe to the service which will allow them to follow certain places and receive notifications when the ISS is over them.

The service should provide views similar to this

You can even request mosaics of entire continents formed from thousands of individual images.

George Tyc, the Chief Technology Officer at UrtheCast, told Universe Today: "Imagine you have a nearly live Google Earth, but it isn’t four year old data – you have data that is being refreshed all the time, with videos coming down over interesting areas where interesting events are going on, showing you what is changing, what is going on.

"What we really hope to pull off is to change the paradigm, get the everyday person interacting and seeing the data coming down from space to see the Earth and how it is evolving over time in a way that isn’t available right now."

The name of the Canadian company has a cool double meaning, sounding like 'Earth Cast' but being spelt 'You Are The Cast'.


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