Amazing Pictures Show Thousands Of Xbox One And PS4 Pre-Orders Waiting For Delivery In Amazon

Joe Pepler/REX

If you're an Xbox One or PS4 pre-orderer and you already have one eye on the door for the postman, we suggest you relax. Make some team. Maybe take a 10 day holiday.

We know where your console is - and it's fine.

These amazing pictures from Amazon show the massive stock of consoles at the Marston Gate Fulfilment Centre in Milton Keynes, ready for delivery.

Amazon said it expects the Xbox One to become the fastest selling console in its history when it's released on 22 November - but it will only hold the record for a week, after the PS4 takes the title on its own release a week later.

But don't worry - Amazon says they have it all in hand.

"The operation to deliver a new Xbox or PlayStation to Amazon customers on release day is well underway," said Xavier Garambois, Vice-President of EU Retail at Amazon EU.

Take a look at the pictures, below. If you can spot yours and prove it, we'll send you a cookie.

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