LED Carpet By Philips And Desso Could Revolutionise The Humble Sign

The Humble Carpet Is About To Get A Makeover

They're still a long way off our Aladdin-inspired dreams of flying but the humble carpet might be about to have a serious makeover.

Philips has teamed up with Desso to create light transmissive carpets - essentially flooring that can light up and transmit signs.

The makers envisage the technology being used in publics spaces such as airports with signs directing people to baggage areas for example.

The LEDs open up a range of possibilities

Because the messages can be changed it will be much more flexible than standard signs.

Ed Huibers, marketing and sales director at Philips Lighting, said: "This light transmissive carpet solution is designed to engage directly with people's senses and the eyes' natural inclination to seek out light. T

"The technology takes advantage of people's tendency to be guided by the floor when moving through and interacting with space.

"It brings information, direction, inspiration and safety via the carpet you walk on."

The LED carpets should be in production by next year.

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