21/11/2013 16:24 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Project Wild Thing: David Bond Explains Why He's On A Mission To Get Children Outdoors

David Bond's impassioned film Project Wild Thing has been described as 'like David Attenborough and Morgan Spurlock got drunk and had a baby'. The film is a personal testimony to his struggle to get his own two children to put down their Playstations and head to the great outdoors, even if it's just the back garden for starters.

Project Wild Thing hits UK cinemas just in time for half term and has been lavished with praise by critics describing it as, variously, "funny, alarming and uplifting" and "a film every parent should watch".

David Bond tells us why he embarked on this campaign, and what he discovered along the way about the natural world that most of us pretty much take for granted...

What inspired you to start marketing nature?

I'm a father of two young children. I was thinking about how they spent their time – were they becoming screen junkies? Was I guilty of dumping them in front of the television rather than taking them out to the park?


So I attached a camera to my daughter's head to see exactly what it was she did all day. Over a quarter of her time was spent watching screens. Just 4VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%

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