Sony: Don't Send Us Your Broken PS4 If It's Full Of Insects

Sony: Don't Send Us Your Busted PS4 If It's Full Of Insects

While the early reports of failing PS4s now seem a little overblown - there are issues, but only for 1% or less of machines - spare a thought for those few customers who do have to return their consoles to Sony.

And whose consoles are also full of insects. Because those guys are screwed.

A weird footnote to the 'blue pulse of death' panic, aka Pulsegate, comes to us via Kotaku and journalist Brendan Sinclair.

Apparently in a note sent to customers before they send back their consoles, you are bound to ensure that you include no discs, controllers or cables, or spiders.

And apparently it's a real problem, though we can't imagine it's going to have affected many PS4s since they only came out last week. Not unless you're place is really in need of a good scrub.


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