25/11/2013 14:10 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

13lb 10oz Baby Born In China

Shanghai Woman Gives Birth to 6.17kg Baby

Well here's a birth story to make your eyes water!

A mum in China has given birth to a real whopper of a baby, weighing in at an almighty 13lbs 10oz.

The baby is TWICE the weight of the average baby born in China and weighs more than six bags of sugar.

The baby's 27-year-old mum said it was her protein rich-diet of milk, eggs and fruit which led to her baby growing so big.

Speaking to Chinese state TV, the mum said: "I drink one glass of milk (and) eat an egg every day. That's a must since I became pregnant. I also ate a lot of fruit."

However, her doctors have a more straightforward reason for why the baby was so big - they say the mum spent a lot of her pregnancy in bed, and gained a lot of weight very quickly through eating more than usual.

Although the baby is much bigger than average, it is not the biggest ever born in China - that accolade stays with Chun Chun from Xinxiang city who weighed a massive 15lbs 8oz when born in 2012.