'X Factor' Star Christopher Maloney Strips Naked For Gay Times Magazine Photoshoot (PICS)

Three words you (probably) never wanted to see together in one sentence: Christopher Maloney Naked.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with some of last year's 'X Factor' contestants… James Arthur appears to be on a one-man mission to self-sabotage his career before it's even begun by publicly slating well, everyone and now the shaky scouser has gone done a naked photoshoot.

WARNING: You cannot unsee these pictures. Do not scroll down if you are of a nervous disposition

Chris - who was a bag of nerves during his 'X Factor' auditions - seems to be a whole lot more confident these days after baring (almost) all for the annual naked edition of Gay Times.

Honestly, what would his nan say?

Well, we've yet to have word from her, but there's been no shortage of peeps on Twitter who have been letting us all know exactly what they think.

"I want to bleach my eyes" is one of the kinder comments.

And no, it wasn't Tulisa who tweeted it.

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