27/11/2013 12:42 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

16 Weeks Pregnant: Sink Or Swim

Despite my recent "bloomingness", I've started to succumb to that ever-present shadow leering over my shoulder that I know haunts many women.

I am of course now putting on weight (naturally) and fleshing out in noticeable places such as my face (and bum and thighs). Whilst my brain and logical side knows that this is all completely normal and natural (FYI – at this 16 week point it is healthy and normal to have gained up to 3kg – but everyone is different), I am still panicking about putting on weight.

Part of the problem is that I don't really have a very visible bump yet – at least to those who don't know I'm pregnant – I simply look like I ate all the pies and thoroughly enjoyed licking the plates. I'm so convinced I look unnaturally porky that I have to stop myself from interrupting strangers in the street to point out that, "Oh, I'm not normally fat like this, I'm just pregnant, you see!"

Part of my biggest fear is that I will continue to balloon all over and by the time I am done and have had my baby, I will resemble a Michelin man and find it impossible to shift the weight forever after.

Obviously, this sort of thinking is utterly crazy and counter productive, so I've decided the best thing for me now is to find an exercise regime that is not only healthy for the baby and me, but also makes me feel good about myself. According to the experts, if you weren't working out vigorously before you got pregnant, now is not the time to start doing so. It's all about keeping supple and energized. There is no need to run 10km on the treadmill here, girls! (Not that I ever would, pregnant or not – I could simply not think of anything worse!).

Some good activities to try are things like walking, swimming, stationary bike riding and yoga. The important thing is to have it fit in with your lifestyle – if it's too much of a faff to do it, you won't. I am lucky enough to live within short walking distance of our local swimming pool, so for the last two weeks I have made it my routine to do ten laps of the pool daily. I have to say, I do feel fitter and more energized, am sleeping better and have recently noticed some muscle definition in my shoulders. I also seem to be keeping those bingo wings at bay for the time being, which goes far to help me deal with the ever present body issues.

What exercise did you enjoy doing when you were pregnant?