27/11/2013 12:13 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Dad Under Fire For Video Showing How To Fight A Baby

A spoof video of a dad showing how to fight a baby has come under fire from YouTube viewers.

The clip shows comedian Gavin McInnes using his own child to demonstrate fake fight moves - a combination of rough housing and cuddles.

The father is seen jokingly demonstrating the giggling baby's weaknesses.

"This is a very little known technique for fighting babies – their Achilles heel is wind," Gavin says, as he blows in the child's face.

It has already had over nearly 3 million views on YouTube, but many of the comments accused Gavin of cruelty.

One, Ronald Book, said: "This is child abuse. Disgusting human being trying to make money off of hurting children."

Another, Kevin Price, added: "You can damage you baby's brain throwing or shaking him like that what is wrong with you!!!"

But some disagreed, insisting that the angry viewers were overreacting and that Scottish-Canadian Gavin and the baby are just having fun together.

One, Mormegil2, wrote: "This is awesome, I'm a man, and that's how I play with my kid.

"Women are obsessed with the sissifying of their male children these days; I know they've probably been crucifying this video, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a competent man playing rough with his child."

Cloudsevenk added: "This guy is legend! As a father I am happy to see how much he loves his son and plays with him! Way to go dad! I prefer the grab wind in face then body slam combo followed up by a forehead to forehead screaming match hahahaha"

And fulcoboy added: "You can clearly read all the people who don't have children...

"I do this all the time with my girl and she loves it! If you believe that a baby laughs when it is in pain I would wait a little longer to get children!

"I applaud this dude for having such a great relationship with his kid!!"