'EastEnders' Spoiler: Roxy Goes Off The Rails After Kat And Alfie's Reunion (PICTURES)

'EastEnders' Roxy Mitchell may have done the right thing when she let Alfie Moon go back to ex-wife Kat, but that won't make her heartbreak any easier.

The BBC have released first look photos from next week's episodes of the soap showing Roxy having a meltdown in the Queen Vic.

Following Kat and Aflie's reunion, after his mad dash to the airport to declare his love, Roxy is sickened to see the pair smooching in the pub she once called home.

She swiftly gets drunk with local bad boy Carl White (well, who else would a dumpee turn to?) before dancing on a table in the Vic.

Alfie tries to help Roxy as she slips but she does not react kindly...

And for viewers wondering how Phil Mitchell comes to sell his beloved Vic, all will be revealed next week as Roxy's sister Ronnie turns to Phil for help with her heartbroken sister.

Jo Joyner

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