Broken Xbox One? This Might Fix It - But Don't Try It (VIDEO)

If you're unlucky enough to have one of the small number of Xbox Ones with a faulty disc drive, you only really have one option: send it back. Not only will Microsoft dispatch your new machine before the old one arrives, but they'll also give you a free download of one of their exclusive launch games. Neat.

For a select group of brave and foolhardy gamers, however, that isn't enough. They've developed a technique to fix their machines that would be genius, if it wasn't obviously stupid.

They're punching their Xbox Ones.

According to reports (and a few videos posted on YouTube) repeatedly hitting your Xbox One seems to be pushing something back into place, and making the awkward griding turn into a smoothly spinning drive ready to play Dead Rising 3.

Take a look - but again, don't do this. It almost certainly voids your warranty. You know, because you're punching it.