Shotgun Made From Items Available After Airport Security

If you're at all nervous about cunning and dastardly terrorists circumventing airport security then you probably shouldn't watch this video.

An American chap has clearly demonstrated how to build a shotgun with items available after airport security.

The gun - made from batteries, a deodorant can, hairdryer and various containers - can shoot $1.33 in small change through a drywall.

The gun is re-loadable and survived firing

The man behind it, Evan Booth, said: "If we're trying stop a terrorist threat at the airport, It's already too late", he told FactCoexist.

Fortunately Mr Booth isn't an evil terrorist but a programmer and "security researcher" who sends his findings to authorities before posting them online.

Even more terrifyingly, the BLUNDERBUSSness Class isn't the only weapon he's made.

There's a crossbow and a scary-looking spiked club too (see videos below).

Recently the main concern for similar weapons has been the threat posed by 3D-printed weapons - but perhaps thais has been misplaced.