Boy Needs Stitches After Being Hit By Meteorite

Boy Needs Stitches After Being Hit By Meteorite

A child in Florida required stitches after apparently being struck by a meteorite.

Steven Lippard, 7, was rushed to the hospital with a gash on his head after being hit by the small fragments of rock as they fell from the sky while he played in the garden.

The stones were about the size of a pea, but were travelling at high speed, the family claims.

They managed to save some of the rocks which have been given initial tests, which have apparently lent weight to the idea that they are indeed meteorites. His father says the odds are "astronomical" that the cause really was a falling rock from space, but says he is convinced there is no other explanation.

The family initially thought the boy had been hit by a golf ball or a bird, until they found the shards of rock.

Obviously this story is unconfirmed, but it would not be the first injury caused by falling rocks from space this year. Far from it.

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