Samsung 'Woman Of Steel' Competition Celebrates Women By Giving Them... A Kitchen

Samsung have found themselves under some serious feminist fire on Twitter.

The cause? Their 'Women Of Steel' competition - which celebrates female achievements by rewarding women with... wait for it... a kitchen.

The offending competition was first highlighted by Everyday Sexism - a whistleblower for instances of sexism across the world - and others have weighed in to express their outrage.

The competition reads: "We've found some of the most magnificent women out there. Women whose superhuman strengths make them inspirational role models, and whose quick speed and heightened tastes make entertaining look easy."

Twitter users were quick to question Samsung's choice of phrasing, prize and imagery.

Twitter user Becky Cullen described the campaign as a "masterclass on being patronizing on many levels at once".

Others had issues with Samsung's association of an "inspirational" woman with one who makes "entertaining look easy".

Additional criticisms include rewarding the 'Woman Of Steel' with a kitchen instead of another item and the choice of "immaculate" imagery.

"It's almost as if they're suggesting that women belong in a certain area of the house..." tweets Jenny Brammall (@Jenny_Brammall).

HuffPost UK have contacted Samsung for comment, and are awaiting their response.

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