28/11/2013 04:25 GMT

Trinny Woodall Reveals Cocaine Made Her A 'Fake, Lying, Thieving Person'

TV presenter Trinny Woodall has spoken out about her alcoholism and cocaine addiction, after being pictured with millionaire art collector Charles Saatchi.

The star said her addictions turned her into a "fake, lying, thieving, cheating person".

Mr Saatchi is currently involved in a court case against two former employees accused of defrauding him and his ex-wife Nigella Lawson.

trinny woodall

Trinny Woodall

Yesterday the court heard how Saatchi referred to Lawson as "Higella" and accused her of being so off her head on drugs that she allowed the pair to spend the couple's money on whatever they liked.

Writing in The Spectator, Ms Woodall said she first took cocaine because she "wanted to be cool".

She first went into rehab aged 21 after an overdose but carried on taking on drugs and started drinking heavily.

She said: "I drank a bottle of vodka a night, with cocaine and pills. And I started to get into trouble. Not the kind of trouble that ended in prison, but it ended up with me feeling lonely and isolated. "

trinny woodall

Trinny and Charles Saatchi this month in London

The star, who teamed up with Susannah Constantine to present 'What Not to Wear', said she started to turn her life around when she was 26.

She said: "I began to build the foundation of my life today. Different from the fake, lying, thieving, cheating person I had been. I wasn't a bad person becoming a good person. I believe I was a sick person, and I needed to get well. And the belief that I had a disease helped me to get through it. It has not been an easy journey."


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