'Waiting In Line 3D' Is Deliberately The Worst Video Game Ever Made

'Waiting In Line 3D' Is Deliberately The Worst Game Ever

You might have thought that there could be no more boring video game than 'Desert Bus' - the game where you have to drive a bus, across the desert, for hours, for no reason.

Indeed it would be hard to get more boring, since that game was specifically intended to be comically mind-numbing, for charity.

But as it turns out there is actually an entire genre of games - labelled "anti-games" - which are designed to be terrible. And now Wired UK has introduced us to the latest entrant in this diabolical race to the bottom, by covering the malevolent dark force that is... 'Waiting In Line 3D'.

Above: Waiting In Line 3D

At first glance, the game looks like a standard Doom-clone, albeit an authentically retro one. You view the game in the first-person, and underneath you have a standard health bar, timer and score.

But when you try to use the movement keys to escape the line of faceless people in front of you, and fail to move at all, you realise the awful truth: there is nothing to do here but wait and listen to the god-awful music that constantly plays in the background. You cannot move (though you can look behind you), you cannot jump, you cannot shoot. All you do is wait, and regularly punch yourself in the face to stay awake.

The trick is to manage your self-punches at a rate that means you (a) don't die and (b) don't fall asleep. The whole thing is so appallingly bad and boring that it's actually a pretty entertaining experience, for 15 seconds. Then you want to... well, hit yourself.

"The game isn't interesting, exciting or fun," the game's inventor, Rajeev Basu, said to Wired UK. "I think we succeeded."

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