29/11/2013 06:04 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

35 Weeks Pregnant: Wardrobe Malfunction

Argh – it's completely pointless to buy maternity clothes at this late stage, right? I know that – it's a waste of time and money and even if I purchase things now that I can rationalize wearing post birth and beyond, they will only end up getting misshapen by my ever expanding bump and I won't want to wear them afterwards anyway!

I know all this, and yet I'm finding it really difficult to resist buying myself something – anything – new. Maybe it's because I have my baby shower coming up and I just want to look nice for the photos. Lovely spring has finally sprung and there are beautiful light fabrics with pretty prints and vibrant colours in all the shops. I indulged myself in the worst way this afternoon – I actually went into Zara (which has some gorgeous stuff in there at the moment) and suffered trying some (non-maternity) things on. Of course none of them really fit properly and I left the shop feeling a bit despondent, which served me right.

I know myself well enough to realize that this sort of silly behaviour is happening because I've decided I'm heartily sick of my "capsule" maternity wardrobe. I'm so over wearing the same things now, and every day the selection just seems to get smaller. I've stopped wearing any bottoms apart from my leggings, a single pair of elasticated trousers and a lone long skirt – my once versatile denim skirt seems to irritate my bump and as my legs get chubbier I'm now self conscious about wearing it out of the house. Not that anyone will be looking at my legs anymore because the bump gets larger daily – I'm sure it can be seen from space!

I'm simply thankful I own so many maxi dresses left over from last summer, as not only do they hide my legs, they are also supremely comfortable. I can just picture myself at 40 weeks, clad only in a sleeveless soft cotton maxi dress resembling a large tent (as by then I won't be able to bear any constrictions on my skin whatsoever), lounging like a plump seal on a pile of carefully arranged pillows on my bed.

Ah well, never mind, there's not much longer to go now and whilst I've worked out I'll still be wearing maternity clothes for a while after the birth, I'm actually not going to care because this time next month, we'll have our beautiful baby boy...

Did you get sick of your wardrobe towards the end of your pregnancy? What clothes did you find most comfortable?