29/11/2013 06:02 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

40 Weeks Pregnant: The Final Countdown

Phew! So we've made it, this baby and I, to our 40-week mark. I really am very ready now to give birth – well, by that I mean, I can't wait to meet our little darling face to face. I'm also looking forward to not being pregnant anymore! Of course I'm quite apprehensive about the birth but there really is no getting out of it now so I may as well think positively and welcome it.

Every night the past few evenings I've gone to bed wondering – could this be the night? Will I be woken up by him? (Funny how it so often starts to happen at night, isn't it?).

And then each morning I wake with a slight feeling of disappointment...which is growing by the day. This feeling has been compounded by the huge increase in the number of texts, emails and Facebook wall posts from well meaning friends and relatives wondering if I've had the baby yet.

I keep wanting to reply sarcastically, "Well yes I did – days ago – but I forgot to tell you!" Instead I simply answer wistfully, "No, no yet, I'll keep you posted."
I saw my doctor today and we have agreed to wait eight days after the due date before I am induced – we actually set a date. I just keep telling myself that he'll be here no matter what within two weeks, but I really don't want to be induced – I'd like him and my body to decide when the time is right. So I've commenced activities I'm told help to bring on labour with committed determination– those that have been medically proven as well as the old wives tales – I'm trying them all.

I've been walking (waddling!) for miles every evening, I actually ate a vindaloo last night (not as hot as I was anticipating...) and I tried reflexology yesterday (simply divine, and very relaxing, regardless of the fact it didn't seem to do the trick!). I've eaten nearly an entire pineapple in one sitting (said to contain enzymes to bring on labour) and I've even been getting a bit, ahem, amorous with P to 'ripen' my cervix! Still, nada. I guess he'll come when he's ready – or he won't and it will all be out of my hands anyway...

Did you make it to your 40th week? What things did you try to bring on labour and did they work?

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