11 Songs To Make You Feel SO Much Better

This week's been tough right? You're feeling pretty glum. But at the risk of sounding like an outdated self-help book, it's time to turn that frown upside down!

We challenge you to get through a single one of these songs without a) smiling like a Cheshire cat and b) singing along at the top of your lungs.

1. 'September' Earth Wind And Fire

An oldie but such a goodie. It's got trumpets and can be enjoyed and thoroughly appreciated even when it's not September.

2. 'Born To Make You Happy' Britney Spears

Team MyDaily's go-to karaoke tune is the perfect accompaniment to sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Plus, vintage Britney was always the best Britney.

3. '22' Taylor Swift

Yeah it's kinda cheesy and yeah it makes you a bit of a lame-o if you actually admit you like T-Swift, but c'mon this one is a total banger. We're not 22 anymore, but we don't know about you but still we still feel it!

4. 'Call Me Maybe' Carly Rae Jepsen

And you thought Taylor was pure edam!? We'll be the first to admit this song is utter crud, but it makes you happy doesn't it? Criteria filled.

5. 'Powerless' Nelly Furtado

The message behind the song is actually pretty deep but played along to an folky beat means happy time, campers! Note: a good hand clap is the key to making a warm, fuzzy song.

6. 'The Wire' Haim

Hot right now girl band Haim are like the modern day Spice Girls (but they can actually sing - ouch!). They're bringing back girl power and we're totes on board. *Does peace sign*.

7. 'Shiny Happy People' R.E.M

What could be a happier song than the one that was ALMOST the Friends theme tune? A great tune which hasn't been tainted by overplay on Comedy Central.

8. 'What's My Name' Rihanna

Arguably the best Rihanna song, 'What's My Name' is RiRi at her best aka with red hair and singing with Drake. Bonus happy points if you can do the dance moves.

9. 'The Dog Days Are Over' Florence + The Machine

The biggest tune of 2010, no? When Flo burst on to the music scene we all went mental, and this one is still a total classic. Put the dog days well and truly behind you and dance around like it's still the summer time.

10. 'Dancing In The Moonlight' Toploader

Yes millennium party! This tune reminds us all of simpler times. Pre-recession, pre-iPhone, pre-One Direction. A happier time.

12. 'Reet Petite' Jackie Wilson

The best thing about this track is the video. Soulful music + plasticine = sheer joy.