TV TONIGHT: Tuesday 3 December -'Pilgrimage', 'Young British and Broke', 'Imagine - Machiavelli'

In between the next eliminations - from the jungle and kitchen on 'I'm A Celebrity' and 'MasterChef' respectively - there are some serious offerings from tonight's telly. Here are our picks:

Pilgrimage with Simon Reeve - BBC2, 9pm

This smiling presenter's latest three-part project is to follow in the trails of ancient pilgrims, on what he defines as "a journey away from home in search of spiritual wellbeing". While this may mean a schlep to Tesco Express for some (*coughs*), Reeve opts for the not much harder 21st journey from Holy Island in Northumberland to Canterbury. It's a pleasing enough jaunt, viewer-wise, although I'm not sure a self-professed agnostic like Reeve is best qualified to reflect on whether the benefits match the hopes and fears of true worshippers whose footsteps he follows. Still, perhaps one of the lessons along the way is some true humility. Perhaps like not having your name in the title.

Young, British and Broke - BBC3, 9pm

There's been much written and choked about already on the subject of payday loans. But their true exploitative nature is laid bare in this documentary, which shows how even bright young TV presenters like Miquita Oliver can fall into financially fatal temptation. Anybody tempted to sign up for one will see how, not only is there no such thing as a free lunch, there is instead a lunch that you may still be paying for years and years later. As for where else people desperate to pay bills for luxuries like, errr, heating and light this winter, should go instead, well, perhaps there'll be another programme along soon.

Miquita Oliver - a TV presenter (left) with a glowing future, until she fell into debt

Imagine - Machiavelli - BBC1, 10.35pm

It's 500 years since the Italian scholar wrote The Prince, but Alan Yentob successfully demonstrates how his treatise on being realistic about the limitations of human nature and how to operate within them to ones advantage is more relevant today than ever. Was Machiavelli our most helpful guide to survival, or a barbaric tutor in the art of complete selfishness? The show argues both sides well, and what you conclude could well say more about you! This is a great, thought-provoking show, necessary viewing for 'good' and 'bad' people both.