Astronaut Chris Hadfield: 'It's Possible To Get Stuck Floating In The Space Station If You Can't Reach A Wall'

You Can Get Stuck In The Space Station If You Can't Reach A Wall

Now-retired Canadian Astronaut and troubadour Chris Hadfield must have told us pretty much everything there is to say about life aboard the International Space Station at this point.

Well, apparently not. In a new Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Q&A Hadfield revealed a few new interesting tidbits - including the fact that it's possible to get stuck, in mid-air, aboard the ISS.

A Redditor asked: "I'm curious to know, is it possible for someone to get stuck floating in the middle of a room in the ISS? As in they're floating and the walls are out of reach."

Hadfield replied:

"Yes, it is - you can get stuck floating in the center of Node 1, where open space is biggest due to hatches on all sides. But ISS has fans and forced air to mix and refresh the internal atmosphere, so there's always a small crosswind. Wait long enough, you'll get pulled to an air inlet."

Another responded: "Has anyone been impatient enough to call out for a little push?"

"Yes - we ask for a little help all the time," Hadfield replied.

Being Reddit, the converstation eventually turned to sex. But there Hadfield was unable to satisfy the audience's taste for lascivious gossip. Had anyone had sex on the space station, he was asked?

"Not that I know of," he replied. "And with a small crew, the interpersonal psychological effects would be complex and perhaps destructive. Astronauts are just people in space, but we are professionals and crewmembers, and mutual respect and team success is key."


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