'Timeless Box' Is A Cute Way To Give Gifts (But Make Sure Your Present Is Worth The Wait)

A Time Machine. For Gifts. Sort Of.

A designer has invented a time machine. For gifts. Kind of.

Then they wait.

Inventor, Ignasi Giró, is funding the project through Indiegogo.

He said: "We all have dreamed about amazing machines that could take us straight to the future. We certainly have. But don't take us wrong: we're not into general relativity.

"We're into emotional time travel, into sending emotions to the future."

It's a nice idea and the aluminium boxes are certainly smart.

But you'd better put something bloody good in it or all that anticipation is going to lead to some major disappointment.

Contributors to the project get a range of rewards for their money but the €10,000 'I'm Richard Branson Package' is a particularly brazen but very funny way of fishing for funds.

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