Working In The Nude Day Photos Are Surprisingly Not Grim - But We're Not Ready To Take A Selfie Just Yet

The benefits of being freelance have often included being able to wear your pyjamas while talking to the President of Tokyo on the phone.

But today you may say: Pyjamas? What pyjamas?, as the 6 of December is apparently Work In The Nude day.

We prudish Brits needn't get in a tizzy just yet at the prospect though - this is initiated by a small business community in Australia called Flying Solo, which is running a competition for people to upload selfies of themselves in the buff.

However, the pictures aren't the grotty strategically-placed stapler shots you may be imagining.

Flying Solo's founder Robert Gerrish said to "They were so empathetic and warm. We never had anything grubby. It just really showed us this is a lovely thing to be doing ... It was normal people showing their warts and all bodies," he said.

The images can be posted online on Flying Solo's Facebook page.