This Isn't Photoshopped: 23 Mindblowing Photos From Artist JeeYoung Lee Shot In Her Tiny Studio

Jaw-dropping, stunning, spectacular - we've seen these words appear time and again to describe photographs and have actually thought 'meh' when clicking through to the reality.

But these pictures of Korean artist JeeYoung Lee's tiny studio, that look like perfect glimpses into other worlds, really do justice to all of those words.

The exhibition of her photographic work Stage of Mind, which is showing at the OPIOM gallery in France, is incredible - no photoshop has been used. What you see is JeeYoung dressing up her small studio space and then photographing the results. It takes her weeks - sometimes months - to put it together.

In a written statement, she says: "It is a photographic elucidation of my concerns about my identity, exploration about myself and search for the things that I am capable of doing, desire to do, enjoy doing and can do well, and furthermore, my thoughts on how I should live my life. I try to search for the answers to my questions and concerns through the process of photographing and the subsequent artwork."

All of the scenes are created by hand in a room measuring 3.6 x 4.1 x 2.4 meters. Some of the self portraits represent Korean and western folk tales - for instance the Little Match Girl makes an appearance while others are simply dreams, stories and memories. In one of them, she enlists the help of a traditional paper fan maker to create a landscape that looks like the sea.

Take a look at the rest:


Stunning Images From JeeYoung Lee