06/12/2013 11:15 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Men, Do You Have The Balls To Be Crowned Sperm King?

Do you have the balls to be crowned Sperm King?Rex

The World's Strongest Man Competition has got a rival – only this is more of a testes of strength!

For a Chinese hospital has come up with the ultimate measure of manliness by launching a contest to find its nation's strongest sperm.

And the proud winner will be given the, erm, enviable sobriquet of Sperm King, as well as walking away with a £2,000 cash prize.

Renai Hospital of Guangzhou, capital of southern China's Guangdong Province has launched the oddball challenge to find candidates over 18 years old to – ahem - come to the hospital to 'extract' their sperm.

The donation will then be numbered and sealed and judged on whose sperm is the strongest and most active.

Of course, there can only be one Sperm King, but runners-up Sperm Princes will receive iPhones and iPads.

Want to get your sperm in shape? Follow these tips from AskMen.

1. Stop smoking

If you smoke, quit now. If it's not bad enough that you already have bad breath and can't taste anything, smoking also affects your sperm count. Not only do you have significantly less sperm than non-smoking men (22VIRTUAL-SkimlinksPromo%