Detroit Lions 20-34 Philadelphia Eagles: NFL Game Staged Despite Snowy Blizzard (PICTURES)

Many British sporting lovers disregard American football, with its stoppages, brutality and commercial crassness, as nonsense. They have a point. But at least the gridiron gang play in the snow.

It was an NFL whiteout at the weekend, but while in Blighty the gritters are out if there is the possibility of an inch of snowy slush, in America they play in a blizzard.

Had you have tuned into Sky Sports 3 on Sunday night you would have seen the ridiculously superb sight of Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles players going hammer and tong in what appeared to be Antarctica. Only it was Fort Field stadium, in Michigan.

Philadelphia Eagles' Mychal Kendricks tackles Joique Bell in the blizzard

The freezing conditions weren't enough to dissuade the cheerleaders from wielding their pom poms, either, as they wowed a crowd that was just delighted the game went ahead.

Disappointingly, he didn't do a Shefki Kuqi-style swan-dive into the snow.

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit Lions v Philadelphia Eagles