Online Dating Survey In New York Reveals Most Women Won't Date A Short Guy - Is This True In The UK? (POLL)

PhotoAlto/Ale Ventura via Getty Images

Do guys 5ft 9ins or less get the short end of the deal when it comes to online dating (first and last pun, we swear)?

A survey conducted by Manhattan-based dating site Are You Interested? revealed that only 1.2% of women would consider a man shorter than them.

Some of us might brush this off by saying it might be an American thing, but height issues aren't just restricted to our cousins across the pond - we've known a number of friends who have cancelled a prospective date after discovering that the guy was of a certain height.

The story was originally reported in The New York Post, and looked at 50,000 interactions online. They quoted 28-yaer-old Nick Rizzo as saying: "It’s just a fact of life that most women taller than me aren’t willing to date me. Maybe they’re worried about how it will look to other people."

So, take our poll. Does height matter? And guys, have you had any bad experiences online?

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