TV TONIGHT: Tuesday 10 December - Heston Blumenthal, 'Manhunt: Hunt For Osama Bin Laden', 'Last Tango In Halifax'

Tonight's rich pickings include...

Heston's Great British Food - Channel 4, 9pm

Just what we need - another investigation by a leading British TV chef into the culinary tastes of the nation at large, and three iconic dishes in particular. Fortunately, it's Heston Blumenthal, which means a level of intellectual curiosity and creativity not normally seen in British kitchens - the telly ones, at least.

For the first of this three-parter, he turns his big chef's hat in the direction of fish and chips. As well as learning the surprisingly interesting history of how this strange combo first turned up in the UK, and how it came, in fact, to become such a combo, we get the benefit of Heston's Willy Wonka vigour in conjuring up some new combinations - it's mouth-watering stuff. Suggest eating dinner before watching.

"If there is a better dish than a bag of salty chips on the way back from the pub, I have yet to find it." Rick Slater.

Last Tango in Halifax - BBC1, 9pm

Anne Reid and Derek Jacobi continue to shine in this deceptively sweet, but exceedingly modern drama, as reunited romancers Celia and Alan embark on another attempt to tie the knot. Their offspring are equally determined to make new beginnings with their respective other halves, but things, inevitably, do not go to plan. Hankies required for some Jacobi-watching in this one.

Manhunt: The Search For Osama Bin Laden - Sky Atlantic, 9pm

When four planes caused such tragic havoc on 11 September 2001, it came as an enormous shock to most of the world. Not to these people. This documentary painstakingly tells the story of how a group of female CIA analysts had already been building the jigsaw puzzle of the al-Qaeda network for the best part of a decade, while struggling to get their superiors to take the threat seriously. Anyone doubting the veracity of Kathryn Bigelow's 'Zero Dark Thirty' will think again after hearing these intimate, soul-searching accounts.