10/12/2013 16:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

You Know You're Turning Into Your Mum When...

You know you're turning into your mother when...Getty

Remember when you couldn't imagine anything more boring or just plain irritating than behaving like your mum, however much you love her?

It happens oh so gradually but have you noticed the similarities recently...

1. You dab at your child's mouth with a damp tissue very hard, even though you swore you would never, ever do that.

2. A homemade birthday card featuring an enormous round head and scribbled hair makes you want to weep. And when the cards come down, you save it in the drawer next to your bed.

3. Your children are talking at you and you tune out and just say: "Hmmmm.Yes, darling."

4. Swimwear shopping means a trip to M&S tummy panel control section, completely bypassing the bikini section.

You know you're turning into your mother when...Rex Features

5. Afternoon tea is "lovely". And a night out is always "raucous" even though you only had one glass of wine.

6. While shopping, you see a pair of trousers for your husband and you don't have to ring up your mother-in-law to ask his inside leg measurement.

7. Before going to bed, you plump up the cushions on the sofa.

8. You tell your friends what the cat/dog has been up to.

9. Silence and a good book is considered an event.

10. You go upstairs and can't remember why you went up there.

11. You open a cupboard and ask yourself out loud "What was I looking for?"

12. You ring whoever was in your bad dream to check they're OK.

13. The latest storyline about that TV doctors/lawyers/nurses drama is conversation-worthy.

14. The realisation hits you that your parents are only human.

15. You carry tissues and handcream.

16. Rather than shout back at your other half, you change the subject - even though he is wrong.

17. A night in alone leads to cooking "just something small" rather than a takeaway.

18. Alcohol makes you go red in the face.

19. You like 'comfy'.

20. You realise your mum was right that love is not about earth-shattering sex but finding someone who will let you have a lie-in while he gets up with the kids.

21. Eating out, you tut if the table is slightly dirty. Then you order a jacket potato or a salad and announce "that was delicious".

22. You have looked through one of those newspaper pull-out booklets of things you never knew you needed and want the hands-free bin bag tie device.

23. Leftovers for lunch is very welcome because at least you don't have to cook anything.

24. You stack stuff on the stairs so you can take it up all in one go.

25. You freak out if your husband said he would text when he got there and he didn't and you tell him you thought he'd had a terrible accident when he rings.

26. Discounts and bargains are revealed as an "ooh, you'll never guess what" tit-bits to friends.

27. You spend all morning doing a roast and then pick at it when it's on the table because
"you're full of it from the cooking".

28. The weather is of critical importance to deciding what to wear. And if the sun is shining, you get four loads of washing done in the morning.

29. Anyone who enters the house is offered tea, coffee, apple juice, squash, Ribena... every five minutes.

30. The highlight of your life is sports day and the Nativity.

31. Eating past 8 o'clock worries you for various reasons (putting on weight, indigestion and not wanting to be full at bedtime).

32. Every family excursion incurs a list of what not to forget, what to buy and what to put in the hand luggage.

33. You may be tired, oh God, so tired, but you never admit it.

34. Day cream is followed by night cream.

35. You notice your mother is looking like her mother (and you are going the same way).

36. When your children do something, you can't help but say: "Oh, she/he just did the same thing with their eyes that Uncle Jack does."

37. You pass wind involuntarily.

38. The garden centre is considered a 'trip out'.

39. You go into town and ask yourself "do I really need that?" and the answer is always "no". And you put it back.

40. A necklace and earrings are selected to draw the eye away from the drooping bust and bulbous stomach.

41. You show off your legs because they age much more slowly than everywhere else.

42. Your wardrobe contains a pair of shoes for every occasion, a killer dress, a sober suit and a load of classic clothes because you've worked out what hides your bad bits.

You know you're turning into your mother when...Alamy

43. You wonder when television got so loud.

44. Birthday and Christmas vouchers are saved for ages and ages so you can buy something long-lasting and meaningful.

45. You look at a fresh-faced boy and think "he's going to be gorgeous when he grows up."

46. Someone swears in front of little ones and you flinch.

47. You'll watch Dr Who/the Champions League/CBeebies Book at Bedtime even if it clashes with the News or Corrie because you can't bear anyone to be unhappy.

48. The freezer is full to the brim, week in, week out.

49. Cooking for large numbers is second nature.

50. You can't see the appeal of Justin Bieber whatsoever.

Any we've left out? Give us your top 'wow, I'm turning into my mum' moments.