How Photographer Bob Carey Made His Wife Laugh Through Breast Cancer By Putting On A Pink Tutu (He Rocks, By The Way)

This Guy Did An Amazing Thing For His Wife Who Had Breast Cancer

If you manage to get through the video without having a sniffly moment, you're made of sterner stuff than the HuffPost UK Lifestyle team. It sums up the poignant story of Bob Carey, a photographer, who supported his wife Linda through her ordeal with breast cancer.

It started off as "self therapy" to remain optimistic after her serious diagnosis, and to give himself something else to think about.

Bob would pull on a pink tutu and take photos of himself in various locations. His wife would also show the pictures to the other women also undergoing breast cancer treatment, which would give them a giggle during an otherwise dark time.

Linda said: "Women really like the fact that he's standing by me, and they appreciate that because they'd say: "Well, my husband wouldn't do that for me."

His body of work The Tutu Project then went viral last year. The couple were astounded. At the time, Linda told The Huffington Post: "The project really is no longer about Bob and I but all those who have been touched by cancer."

In the video, Bob says that while he was arranging himself into various positions avec tutu, people would come up and ask him what he was doing. It then became the perfect opportunity for him to talk about breast cancer.

"This all sucks and it's stupid that this is happening," Bob says referring to cancer in the video, "but I'm here to make people happy."

Ultimately, it comes down to one basic thing, says Linda. "It's just about love, and it's about inspiration."

The photos have since been compiled in a book, Ballerina, with all proceeds going directly to breast cancer organisations.