Nickolay Lamm Shows What Mobile Phone Signals Really Look Like (PICTURES)

LOOK: This Is What Mobile Phone Signals Really Look Like
Nickolay Lamm

A new visualisation of what mobile phone signals would look like - could we see electromagnetic radiation - has painted a psychedelic view of the modern world.

The new images are the work of Nickolay Lamm, whose diverse output we've already covered elsewhere.

But now Lamm has created some new images of mobile phone signals -- and they're a startling look at the hidden reality of modern digital life.

The pictures represent cellular networks laid out on a theoretical hexagonal grid, with different colours showing different types of combination channels.

With the help of Danilo Erricolo at the University of Illinois and Fran Harackiewicz at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Lamm laid out the signals for different cities, to reveal how their mobile infrastructure works.

"The illustrations above approximate cell antenna radiation by assuming that each antenna has the above radiation pattern. The spotlights you see in the pictures are wide when viewed from the top and thin when viewed from the side because that’s what a sector antenna radiation pattern looks like."

Here are some more examples:

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