Sharon Osbourne Denies Having Her 'Vagina Tightened', Says She Was Just Being 'Flippant'

Sharon Osbourne has denied she has a "designer vagina" just weeks after saying she did during a TV interview.

The 'X Factor' judge recently told Graham Norton that she had undergone cosmetic surgery on her genitals but has now revealed she was only joking.

Shazza told US radio DJ Howard Stern on Sirius XM that she wasn't being serious in her interview with Graham: "I said 'Oh I've had my vagina tightened'. A flippant stupid thing to be silly."

Sharon Osbourne

"But it was true?" Howard asked, in an audio tape obtained by TMZ, adding: "You said it was very painful. You were very honest about it."

"But I've not had it done," Sharon replied, before going on to swear on her children's lives when Howard wouldn't believe her.

Sharon first told Graham last month that the procedure, known as a labiaplasty, was worth it.

Talking about the numerous procedures to maintain her youthful appearance, she said having her "vagina tightened" was "the worst" and "just excruciating" but her husband likes it and that "it’s back the way God wanted it to be."

WATCH the full interview here:

Sharon also revealed details on Ozzy's most recent relapse, which involved her moving out of their joint home and selling all of his cars.

Earlier this month Sharon's estranged brother spoke out about her surgery, saying he finds her totally unrecognisable from her childhood days.