SHOP! Tartan (Because Plaid's A Powerful Thing)

SHOP! Tartan (Because Plaid's A Powerful Thing)

There's no denying the plaid trend. In fact, we'd go so far as to say it's all a girl needs this season.

And it's not just your traditional red, green and navy colourways either - this Autumn/Winter has gone stir crazy for every shade.


Top-to-toe tartan says you're a lady who loves a bit of Highland heritage whereas mixing in the odd staple item (pleated skirt, mohair jumper or oversized tee) says you're pretty partial to plaid.

Whatever your preference (ours is go bold or go home) there's endless choice on the high street and online.

There's something about tartan that just says cool. It works in that classic-smart-chic way (very Kate Middleton in her blue button-down tweed style), it has that punk'd Vivienne Westwood vibe but it's also what made us fall heavy for Elle Woods.This coat and that yellow tartan two-piece, yes just yes.

The best bit is that wearing tartan is guaranteed to get you this kind of reception wherever you go. Beret optional, knee-high socks imperative.

We've created a got-to-have-it-all edit of our favourite plaid looks to get you started. If you're a designer gal then a little Stella McCartney investment might make for the perfect Christmas, but you can't go wrong with a killer skirt a la Topshop:


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