Man Plans Bruno Mars Flashmob Proposal For 10 Months At Scottish Shopping Centre - Does She Say Yes? (VIDEO)

We were ready to make a grab for the sick bucket when we heard the words 'Bruno Mars flashmob' but Bobby Beattie's proposal to girlfriend Laura Meikle is pretty sweet.

Plus, you've got to respect someone who makes a whole bunch of shoppers stop in the middle of Christmas shopping madness.

Laura, 27, thought she was just on a shopping trip with family when Bruno Mars hit 'Marry You' started playing and a troupe of dancers emerged from the crowd at Braehead near Glasgow.

And she was stunned when Robert, 32, came forward, went down on one knee and popped the question.

Laura's face when she realised what was happening

After recovering from the shock, pretty Laura said 'yes' as family and friends cheered the couple.

HGV driver Bobby, from Bridgeton, originally wanted to propose during a Robbie Williams concert in Glasgow but said his PR people never got back to him.

He started planning his flash proposal in May, contacting dance group Albino Python, and bringing family members into the plan.


Bobby said: "I'm just very relieved she said 'yes'. I was very nervous - I was shaking."

Housing worker Laura arrived at the mall shortly before midday with one-year-old daughter Hayden, step-daughter Rachael, 11, mum Katie, and sister Robyn, 22.

She said: "I knew nothing about it. I had no idea. The music started up and I was just watching the dancers along with everyone else and then Bobby came out holding a bunch of balloons.

"I didn't know what was going on - then he proposed. It was embarrassing being in the limelight but it was a lovely thing to do.

"It was amazing and of course I said yes. He's quite romantic."

Dance group boss Gemma McKee, 26, said: "Bobby first approached us back in May. The dance routine itself was quite straightforward - the planning and the timing were the difficult bits.

"But it all came together very well and I think it's really been a day to remember."

Lydia Brown, marketing manager for intu Braehead, said: "This was a wonderful way for Robert to ask Laura to marry him and I've no doubt it was a day she will remember for the rest of her life.

"We were more than happy to help Robert organise his flashmob proposal and once the shoppers realised what was going on you could see the delight on their faces."

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