CCTV Detector 'Surveillance Spaulder' By Puking Monkey Lets You Know When You're Being Watched

A piece of wearable 'armour' tech can detect when you're being watched by CCTV and lets you know by 'tapping' you on the shoulder.

The device uses technology designed by the attractively-named security researcher, Puking Monkey, that picks up the infrared light used by most CCTV cameras.

London-based artist, James Bridle, inserted the tech into a spaulder - a traditional component of medieval plate armour - to make it wearable.

When it detects a CCTV camera it notifies the wearer by pulsing a gentle electrical current through the shoulder which causes the muscles to twitch.

Unfortunately the device isn't quite functioning at the moment.

Birdle writes on his blog:

"Disclaimer: This is one of those much – and often fairly – maligned design fictions. The spaulder is not currently a functioning device, due to component shortages and electrical ineptness, hence the over-acting in the above video. Nevertheless, given the correct components and power supply, such a device is more than possible."

Birdle is also the man responsible for the Dronestagram project which uses social media to document drone strikes.

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