Chinese Military Newspaper Upset About Its Portrayal In 'Battlefield 4'


The video game 'Battlefield 4' has sold very well, and been pretty well reviewed. But it's also annoyed a lot of people - not least because of persistent technical glitches.

And now to that list you can add the entire nation of China.

An opinion article in the military newspaper Zhongguo Guofangbao has come out in opposition to the game, whose single-player story is based around a fictional war between the US and China.

According to translation of the article posted by Kotaku, the military there is upset that its forces are negatively portrayed in the game.

"American soldiers attack Shanghai, exchanging fire with the People's Liberation Army? ! This isn't real, but it's a game... This first person shooter is set in the year 2020 where China's domestic unrest in China is used as the scenario, US soldiers use the values of "fighting for peace and thwarting conspiracies" to cause problems in China and to battle against the PLA."

"Not only does the game have loads of uncivilised words and Chinese that makes zero sense, the game itself doesn't make sense. Dauid (David?), a US gamer who has lived in China for three years, says: "This game makes me feel that the makers still look at China with their old preconceptions, the game is very unrealistic.""

"Just minding our own business isn't enough. We need to rise up and share our China's voice; only we have the right and power to show the world a real China. Only we can dispel the world's misconceptions of China."

Battlefield 4 has not been released in China, but it is widely reported to be available on the black market and to play in internet cafes.

Gamers have since pointed out that in the game, China itself actually ends up working with the US in order to take down a rogue general, who is solely to blame for the escalation of the conflict.

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