Macaulay Culkin Is Miles From Kevin As He Performs With New Band And We Re-Watch 'Home Alone' (PICTURE)

It's that time of year when Christmas film fans everywhere dust off their copy of 90s hit 'Home Alone', set up some burglar booby traps and settle down to watch possibly the cutest child actor ever do his thing.

But while we'll always know and love Macauley Culkin as the mischievous - and surprisingly mature - Kevin McAllister, the actor is busy making headlines with his new band, Pizza Underground.

Macauley Culkin in his new band

Macauley, now 33, threw a big pizza party in Brooklyn this weekend where he played an eight-minute concert with his pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band. Yes, you read that correctly.

Macauley's music career began in Michael Jackson's famous video for 'Black and White', where he was seen rapping on steps, stacking his speakers in his parents' living room before uttering the words, "eat this." His breakthrough into the industry hasn't come on a long way since then but we commend his ingenuity and he's certainly looking like a rock star.

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