18/12/2013 22:01 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

Crafts On Sea

So, last week I saw my friend Louise and I was discussing the Christmas wreaths we made together and how mine had started getting pinned again on Pinterest.

"I don't remember making those" she said.

"But we were round your house!" I said. "You liberated all the foliage!" The memory comes drifting back. And this dear reader, is the issue of when you do crafts after a couple of glasses of red wine. Still, at least we had the pictures to jog our memories!

Anyway, this got me thinking of how I could make a really quick wreath this year and this is the result! This easy Christmas wreath tutorial should have you with the finished wreath in around 10 minutes and as it doesn't require much to make it it's super thrifty too, always handy at this time of year!

Step One

Cut your foliage. I originally thought this was rosemary until my urban foraging trip earlier today. it's not, but it's still nice! Cut a few long stems of whatever plant you can find that looks suitably festive.

Step Two

Using a bit of string, tie the twigs together. I used a treble or quadruple knot to hold them in place. This also looks better if all the leaves are facing in the same direction.

Step Three

Keep doing this until you have enough to tie into a circle.

Step Four

At this point I was a bit worried that my wreath looked a bit sparse and (more importantly) wouldn't hold its shape, so I went round the hoop again with a further loop of foliage, tying all the bits together as I went. I would recommend here that you try not to tie it in the same place each time so that you manage to get as close to a circle as possible as opposed to a hexagon!

Step Five

Et voila! Your wreath is finished! To make mine look more festive I've looped a bit of red ribbon around it and tied it in a big old sloppy bow. it's currently stuck up on the wall using a bit of washi tape which the big bow is disguising, clever huh?!

And there you go, an easy Christmas wreath that can be made in less time than it took from my baby waking up to very vocally demand milk!

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