Real-Life Barbie From Bradford (Who Used To Be A Goth) Spends Four Hours A Day Doing Her Make-Up

Meet the real-life doll who spends up to four hours every day perfecting her look.

Lhouraii Li says her extraordinary appearance is a combination of Japanese fashion and pink princess Barbie. Using special contact lenses and fake eyelashes, she has made her eyes more doll like and with clever make-up she’s learnt how to contour her face without surgery.

The 21-year-old is so attached to her look that she admits she never leaves her home, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, without a full-face of make-up – even when she’s popping to the shops.

Lhouraii, who also cites ‘unicorns’, ‘fairies’ and Disney princesses as inspiration for her image, has no plans to tone down her look as she gets older and plans to mature gracefully into a middle-aged doll if her sense of style remains the same.

The nail technician has grown her hair over the years to a length to rival that of a Disney princess. And she even has special eye-enlarging colour contacts to make her eyes more captivating and doll-like.

She said: "I put circle lenses in so it makes your eyes appear larger - then I put eyeliner on and I extend it out way past my actual eye line and I stick together about fourteen pairs of eyelashes.I’ve even shaved my eyebrows and draw them on higher, so it doesn’t look too weird when my eyes are big. It's not a chore to do.

"People get up and watch television, I get up and do my makeup and I find it just as entertaining."

But the blonde-haired Barbie hasn’t always been a pink- obsessed princess. She said: "I was a goth at one point. And then that got a lot of stares and more hate than this. I remember I actually tried to fit in at one point and I'd walk down the street and people would still stare at me and point at what I was wearing, so I was like screw it, I was going to dress even crazier."

It wasn’t until four years ago that she started experimenting and researching Japanese culture and anime. Llhouraii even started uploading make-up tutorials on YouTube and has already attracted more than 6,000 followers and averages 20,000 views per video. But not everyone likes her extreme look and Lhouraii admits that she does attract a few stares from the locals in her hometown.

She added: "Obviously some people say bad things but I kind of switch off from it a lot - I'll look around and everyone will just be staring at me. People sing I'm a Barbie girl and I'll finish it."

One person, who does love her style, is Lhouraii’s 24-year- old boyfriend Nathan Kent of four years.

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Bradford Barbie

Nathan said: "I really like the look. I think it would be better for her if she could go outside without so much make-up on every so often, but it makes her happy. I've known her for the past eight years. When we first met, she was dressed kind of gothic and so was I, but when we met up again after a few years, that's when she dressed like this and it has changed since we've been together.

"Most people are more positive about it than negative and just interested about it. It upsets me when it upsets her - it's irritating."

Despite the stares and comments, Lhouraii is happy with her look and wouldn’t be changing it anytime soon. Lhouraii added: "I don't really think about it and in the future I don't know if I will look like this for a long time, it depends if I want to or not. If I do want to look like this when I’m fifty or something then I’ll still look like this because it won’t matter."