Sunderland Pitch Invader Leaves Stewards On Their Knees (PICTURES)

Sunderland and Chelsea's Capital One Cup encounter was pretty drab for large portions, so a pitch invader took it upon himself to enliven proceedings with a mazy run past dithering stewards.

Football supporters are accustomed to stewards' power-hungry approach, so any time such jobsworths are left in their wake by a daring fan is often celebrated by those on the terraces.

Sky Sports, in fact, showed the topless (he must be from the north-east) invader, which made a refreshing change from the majority of broadcasters that refuse to do so, as humourless commentators bemoan the "idiot" as if he or she poses an actual threat.

The fan prepares to storm past a number of dithering stewards

The invader goaded players, evaded stewards - as one of them fell over - and performed a knee slide before he was finally led away.


Sunderland pitch invader

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