19/12/2013 08:35 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Christmas Gift Guide: Presents For Tween Boys

Getty Images/Vetta
Christmas gift. View of a child from inside a cardboard box.Similar photographs from my portfolio:

Tween boys are tricky to buy for. On the one hand, nothing much has changed since they were pre-schoolers charging around shouting at full volume and hitting trees with sticks.

They still have loads of energy, like physical challenges and laugh at poo jokes. But they are also increasingly intrigued by gadgets and technology – a life-long love affair that will take them through their teens and into extreme old age.

When explosions and technology combine together in computer games, it's almost impossible to break their concentration. So this is your choice: something for the screen, or something so amazingly wonderful that they forget all about killing things for a good few hours...