Magnetic Furniture By Benjamin Vermeulen Could Be The Future Of Flat-Pack


Hammered thumbs, missing screws and noisy drills could be a thing of the past in the world of home furniture.

A designer by the name of Benjamin Vermeulen has created a range of chairs, tables and the like that snap together using magnets.

Me said: "My goal is to design for people. But that doesn't necessarily mean mass production, I rather design something amazing than have something mass produced.

The range so far consists of a table, chair and cabinet

"Another goal of mine is to make simple designs that people instantly understand how to use.

With that being said, I love mechanisms. A clever mechanism can be magical. It should never add complexity though. "

The range is called MAG, which stands for 'magnetic assisted geometry'.

It also means repairs can easily be carried out as a damaged leg for example, can just be simply replaced rather than having to unscrew the whole thing.

It looks pretty smart too...

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