20/12/2013 07:48 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Get Your Little A** In Shape'. Swearing Competitive Dad Forces Young Son To Run Alongside Car

There are pushy parents, there are competitive dads. Then there is this appalling example of fatherhood.

Just try to contain your anger when you watch this video of a man called Brian Yates from Texas yelling at his young son to 'get your little a** in shape' as he forces the frightened boy to run alongside his father's car - all because Mr Yates thinks his tough-love approach will help his son make it as an American football player.

Yates can also be heard shouting obscenities at his son and telling him that he's putting him through his paces for football training.

He yells: "This is how we train for football. Daddy drives and you run. Now get your little a** in shape!"

With the vehicle moving at eight miles an hour, the father records his son running and shouts at him to increase his speed.

He yells: "Come on. Faster Yates. You're running like old Brian Yates. He ain't worth a s***, an old slow son of a b****. Pick it up!"

At one point the young boy protests that he is 'going as fast as I can' but his father is deaf to his protests.

He says: "I don't want to hear your excuses. If you wanna play for the Cowboys pick that s*** up!'"

As they approach the family's driveway the boy comes to a stop and complains that his hip hurts and he clutches his chest.

It probably doesn't help the poor boy that he is having to run in a pair of Crocs.

Yet his father tells him that he doesn't want to hear any excuses in the video uploaded onto the website.

As they turn into the driveway to their home, the father's vehicle is driving dangerously close behind the boy and he even increases his speed to 10 mph.

Fortunately the young boy 'finds another gear' and sprints away from the vehicle and towards the house, no doubt relieved that his ordeal is over.

Don't worry, lad: one day you'll be bigger than your tough-guy dad and you can pay him back!