20/12/2013 06:19 GMT

9 Biggest Tech Flops Of 2013

LEON NEAL via Getty Images
A member of the RIM team poses with one of the new touchscreen Z10 Blackberry devices in central London at one of eight simultaneous worldwide events for the launch of the BB10 operating system on January 30, 2013. Seen by some as the company's last chance to survive, Blackberry hope that the combination of a more user-friendly software interface with fresh touch-screen devices will bring the company back into shape in the face of strong market control by Apple and Samsung. AFP PHOTO/Leon Neal

Look, not everything in technology was wonderful, magical, sparkling, visionary and beautiful in 2013.

In fact a lot of it was just rubbish.

Whether it's smartphones that didn't work, computers that exploded, research that failed to pan out or just silly attempts to get us to start believing in 3D again, there was no shortage of total failure in the world of tech last year.

Here are our favourite nine examples of stuff that we really, really should have known better than pin our hopes on.

Meanwhile, we've made our new set of predictions for next year. We sort of lost it by the end. Sorry.