23/12/2013 15:03 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Caprice Has Two Nannies - One For Birth Baby And One For Surrogate Baby

OK magazine

Model mum Caprice Bourret has revealed she has two nannies - one for each of her babies.

Caprice became pregnant by partner Ty Comfort just a month after deciding to have a surrogate child. One boy was born in August and the other came just weeks later.

Caprice, 42, said: "There's no such thing as having it all. Too many women put pressure on themselves to do everything. Having a nanny doesn't make you a bad mother. I have two - one for each baby."

She said she would never reveal which of her much longed-for boys, named Jett and Jax, was the surrogate child.

After three rounds of IVF, Caprice thought she would never become pregnant, so arranged to have a surrogate.

She said: "It's naive to assume you can have a baby whenever you feel like it. I was arrogant about motherhood.

"Boy, was I wrong. There's no pain like being told you can't have children. I felt inferior as a woman after three rounds of IVF. "Falling pregnant naturally was the shock of my life. We had read through endless resumés to choose a surrogate – it's a bit like choosing a nanny. Then I fell pregnant a month after our surrogate did. I remember doing 10 pregnancy tests to be absolutely sure.

"Biologically, both boys are mine. When they get to an age where they'll understand, I'll tell them one of them had a babysitter for nine months.

"They'll call her Auntie and she'll always be in our lives. I don't worry about them [feeling equal] because neither will be short of love."

Talking about her transformation from model to boss of her own lingerie label, she said: "Vanity was a big part of my being. I made a ton of money from my appearance. I made my first million in my mid-20s. That's massive for a girl from a humble background who didn't go to university. My mum taught me never to rely on anyone. You graft your own way.

"Then I hit 30, and in modelling terms I had one foot in the grave. Making the transition (to businesswoman) was difficult, but you've got to put your ego in your back pocket and think: 'Right, you're not this sex goddess any more. What's your plan B?'"