Christmas Eve Is The Most Popular Day To Propose

What's The Most Popular Day To Propose?
Roberto Westbrook via Getty Images

Move over St Valentine, Jesus is in town, and he's here to reclaim the eve of his birth as the most popular day for couples to pop the question.

A survey by involving 7,000 people revealed that Christmas eve is the most popular day to propose, with 32% of people choosing that particular day. Valentine's Day isn't far behind though, with 30% of people also choosing that. Conversely, New Year's day and Boxing day lagged behind with 6 and 5% respectively.

Interestingly, there was a wide margin between which gender thought Christmas eve was a brilliant day to propose. 24% of men favoured it in comparison to 15% of women, while the reverse was true for Valentine's Day.

The research also delved into the type of proposals that people thought worked best. The vast majority (51%) felt that just saying 'will you marry me?' was enough, while only 6% preferred a cheesy song, dance or performance. (Thank Christ).

How to say no to a proposal also had a clear winner. 53% said being honest and saying bluntly 'no' was the best option, while on 6% suggested a cowardly 'say yes and then no in private afterwards'.

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